Max Malini

Max Katz Breit. Born in Ostrov 1873. Under the spell of Professor Seiden, a magician, fire-eater and ventriloquist who kept a drinking saloon on the Bowery, Max got taught sleight of hand tricks.
As a fully fledged busker and saloon entertainer he would walk into a saloon, make himself known by the name that he had adopted, then perform with everyday articles which were readily available; knives, glasses, matches, etc. His early associates were Professor Walters and the famous Emile Jarrow, who later became one of Vaudevilles greatest comedy magicians.
outstanding in the magic field He dressed most expensively and talked with great dignity despite a deep gutteral voice, decidedly foreign accent and amusing distortion of the English language. At first view one might set him down as an opera star or impressario. Malini definetly impressed people and commanded attention; his overpowering self-confidence and stage presence could never be daunted. He was a product of a different era than our own.

Max Malini died on 3rd October, 1942 at Honolulu, Hawaii. He had been ill for some months and had become so weak that his last performance (entertaining Sailors and Soldiers) was given while seated in a chair. So passed one of the really great figures of magic.   #
He rarely did tricks for anyone unless it meant either money or some other personal gain. A good lesson for todays magicians.

And he also was a genius in marketing long before that became popular.